"Carlos explained to us what the possibilities were."

C. Eren

“Carlos explained to us what the possibilities were.”

We bought complete kitchen to renovate the current one. Carlos was our kitchen coach. He was very friendly, patient and open to discuss any kind of details to ensure customer satisfaction, like design, material options, delivery and installation process. It’s quite important that you know what you want and have made your decision about the primary features of the new kitchen prior to approach to the supplier. Carlos explained us what is possible and what is not or better. If you make the main dimensions and some photos of the current kitchen layout ready before the visit to I-KOOK, it helps a lot to discuss the new design robustly. Detailed measurement at home by the installation team is always in the process, anyway. There are various color and material options appealing to your taste. Any change request on some details was never a problem. Carlos was quite open and quick at making the revisions in the design. We as the customer focused on a lot of key things but missed the integrated lighting at the bottom of the cabinets. Luckily we already had the portable lights from the previous kitchen which is fine. We keep using them and they were well installed on the new cabinets. The installation team was also competent and fast at doing the things. Three men started working at around 7.30 am including dismantling the old kitchen and removing the tiles on the wall. The new one was completely in at 15.00h. The water tap was not the one we ordered. But it was already informed well before, so not a surprise. It’s understandable that some minor parts might not always catch the installation timing. In our case, it was just the tap. Short after, the tap was updated without any issue or delay. For us, not a problem at all. Now, we’ve been enjoying our kitchen for some weeks. We’re really satisfied with the material, delivery and labor quality. We like the design. It’s nice to see that it’s the right decision. We’re really happy to own such a practical kitchen having good balance of cost & quality. We recommend I-KOOK (and also Carlos) to people who considers kitchen renovation.

Bron: Qasa

Good to hear that you are positive about the service. Thank you for the trust and enjoy the time in your new kitchen!

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