Our story


In 2001, brothers Jaap and Roel Oostra felt that the kitchen market was ripe for something different. Together they developed the contemporary and sincere I-KOOK formula with the mission: "personal attention and guidance for everyone, resulting in a unique, high-quality and affordable kitchen." The first store was opened in 2001 in Hattem, close to Zwolle. There are now 28 stores that are running successfully. The principles of those days still form the basis for the most recently opened stores: simply being honest without unnecessary embellishment and fancy and always for the best price!

The culture

The company is built on the people, there is an open culture and hardly any hierarchy. At I-KOOK you just have to exhibit logical behavior, always in the best interest of the customer. Many rules are not necessary for this. The kitchen coaches have a lot of room for their own interpretation and are given a lot of responsibility to make their customers happy.

  • Always caring
  • Always competent
  • Just honest

Experience a kitchen coach!

We don't like push sales. That's why you won't find kitchen salesmen with us, but kitchen coaches.

What is a kitchen coach?

  • Always caring

    We will always remain your point of contact until you are completely satisfied with the kitchen and beyond. When you do business with I-KOOK you will always deal with the same people. No battery of salesmen, order processors, service departments and anonymous phone numbers, but a kitchen coach who helps you from the first contact to delivery and beyond.

  • Always competent

    I-KOOK's kitchen coaches are thoroughly knowledgeable, true professionals and genuinely interested in how it will really work in your home!

  • Just honest

    We always want to treat you fairly, we intend to provide you with the most beautiful kitchen possible for the best price!

We never promise what we cannot deliver!

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