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Most Frequently Asked Questions

You don't buy a kitchen every day. Before you can make the right choice, you often have many questions. I-KOOK helps you with that. That is why we have listed the most frequently asked questions for you.

Is your question not listed here? Then feel free to ask it by email info@i-kook.nl.
We are happy to answer all your questions!

Is making an offer without obligation?

An offer at I-KOOK is always without obligation, it is simply part of our job. So feel free to contact us, email info@i-kook.nl or make an appointment at one of our stores for tailored advice.

I see a beautiful kitchen on your website, but is it possible to change the worktop, color and/or appliances?

At I-KOOK, you can always customize the kitchen to your liking. We always give a customized advice, where we also look at the dimensions of the room. You can always choose different appliances, worktop, color and/or handles.

Does I-KOOK also sell only cabinets? After all, my equipment is still good.

You can also order only kitchen cabinets from us. However, it is important that you inform us properly about the existing kitchen space and your current appliances. So feel free to visit us for tailored advice at an I-KOOK store near you.

Can I order separate built-in appliances from I-KOOK?

Of course, at I-KOOK you can also buy only built-in appliances. To see our extensive range, visit one of our stores or request a quote via the website.

What is the delivery time for my kitchen?

At I-KOOK, we are able to design our quality German kitchens to your specifications and then have them manufactured and delivered within 20 business days!

Do I have to pay a deposit?

At I-KOOK, we do not require a down payment. We have confidence in you, just as you have confidence in us. You make all payment arrangements directly with your kitchen coach. It is also important to know that at I-KOOK you can always pay by debit card at the time of delivery (at the driver or at the store).

Is I-KOOK affiliated with the CBW?

I-KOOK is affiliated with the Central Trade Association Living (CBW). Stores which are CBW recognized have general conditions which protect you as a consumer extra well when making a purchase. These general conditions contain for example rules about payment, cancellation, delivery time, transport and warranty. So we offer you extra security.

Can I also pay for my kitchen in installments?

At I-KOOK, it is possible to pay for your kitchen in installments. Ask your kitchen coach about the possibilities.

Is it possible to have I-KOOK modify the piping in my kitchen?

At I-KOOK, it is possible to have the piping adjusted by fitters. Ask your kitchen coach about the possibilities.

Does I-KOOK work with its own mechanics?

I-KOOK works with its own installation team. They ensure that your kitchen is professionally assembled and delivered cook-ready. In busy periods, we sometimes use a selected group of external fitters, who of course work according to I-KOOK's guidelines. Of course, it is also possible to assemble your kitchen yourself. This is certainly an option because all cabinets are already pre-assembled from the factory, so no hassle with kits.

I am interested in one of your showroom kitchens. Where are these kitchens actually located?

Showroom kitchens are available year-round at I-KOOK. Because we want to keep our showrooms continuously up-to-date, we change the kitchen arrangements regularly. The kitchens are therefore often available in several branches and can be expanded as desired. If you are interested in one of our showroom kitchens, please feel free to contact us at info@i-kook.nl. We will be happy to help you!

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