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  • As of January 26, we are fully open again!

As of January 26, we are fully open again!

Last update: Jan. 26, 2022

Our stores are fully open again. Of course, the corona protocol below still applies:

For our stores

  • Keep at least 1.5 meters apart;
  • Please follow the instructions of our staff;
  • We do not shake hands.

The following hygiene measures are observed

  • Our employees wash their hands regularly;
  • Coughing and sneezing is done in the inside of the elbow;
  • Paper tissues and/or tissues will be used.

We provide a safe store floor as much as possible

  • Employees with (mild) flu-like symptoms will stay home;
  • We keep each other on our toes with regard to hygiene measures, so that they can be followed;
  • We provide plenty of hand soap, disinfectant gel and tissues in the store;
  • We clean regularly (especially door handles, light switches, stair railings, keyboards and mice);
  • We "greet without touching. This avoids shaking hands and other direct contact and significantly reduces the risk of transmission through hands!

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