Inside look at Marloes and Philip

Inside look at Marloes and Philip

Marloes and Philip

March 04, 2022

"From an old animal barn to a living space with live-in kitchen"

Marloes and Philip live with their infant son Pepijn in beautiful Abbenbroek. In October 2016, they bought an old farmhouse in Abbenbroek. One of their big dreams was to live on a farm someday, so the couple decided to take the plunge. Meanwhile, they have been renovating for several years and the old stable has been transformed into a beautiful living environment. A spacious living room of which the large living kitchen has become a part. Because of Marloes' interior design background, she knew exactly how the kitchen should be. Wondering if Zieneb was able to surprise her? Read the whole story below.

This is what makes our kitchen so special

Through an acquaintance of Marloes, she came in contact with I-KOOK. Marloes had seen their new kitchen on Instagram and it was exactly in the style she had in mind as well. With a specific plan and even a floor plan, she and Philip went to Zieneb for an interview. "I completely envisioned how I wanted the kitchen. A modern, yet warm atmosphere for the living space. Of the old elements of the farmhouse, such as the pillars, I wanted to reflect the material in, for example, the large dining table and the matching wooden fronts. Using the same wood color on different elements creates unity in the interior. Many of our wishes were not possible at other kitchen stores, but at I-KOOK almost everything was possible," says Marloes.

"We are especially pleased with the long, wooden cabinet wall. The wood type and color exactly match that of the old pillars, large dining table, side table and shelves on the wall. After the birth of Pepijn, we needed even more storage space and it did work out with this design. We can fit everything in it and the big fridge and freezer are always full!", Marloes says with a laugh.

"The old pillars of the stable are made of the same wood as the fronts of the cabinetry."

Opposite the cabinetry is the kitchen island with the sink and the special Quooker faucet. The Quooker Classic Fushion Square in the color Brass Patina "We never want to be without a Quooker. Within no time you have tea ready. In hindsight, we do regret a little that we didn't take the sparkling water option." This patina Quooker faucet has a special story. It's like a good bottle of wine; give it time to mature and it gets more and more beautiful. Patina is a layer created on the brass by oxidation. It slowly changes color, becoming lighter or darker brown locally. Because of this special character, Marloes loves it so much. "It fits well with the look and feel of a farmhouse," she says. There is also cooking on the island, and that is with a Hood-in-Hob cooktop. Because the exhaust is in the cooktop, we keep the open space."

Usually the inside of a kitchen cabinet is white, but not so with Marloes in her kitchen. She thought out the kitchen down to the details. "This really made it a unit. Zieneb surprised us with the anti-fingerprint coating on the fronts. I didn't know this existed. With Pepijn starting to walk around, it's ideal with those little fingers on all the fronts. And when the cats walk on the countertop the feet are visible. Of course you do have to keep cleaning with a black kitchen and you really still see some stains sometimes, but it makes a huge difference," says Marloes.

The delivery and installation of the kitchen did not go without a hitch. Along with the suppliers and Zieneb. Despite that, Marloes and Philip are very happy with the end result. "Nothing is nicer than keeping an eye on things while cooking. At Christmas it was incredibly cozy, everyone at the table and preparing the food together at the kitchen island. Room enough!" We wish Marloes, Philip and Pepijn tremendous cooking pleasure with the new kitchen in their beautiful home!

Do you like to keep following Marloes' remodeling or MarlOESTUIN? Then check out her instagram account @marloesvanderkooij

"I consider it an honor when I get to help you in the journey to the perfect kitchen. I make that journey as pleasant as possible by listening carefully, thinking with you, but also giving honest feedback on the different properties of materials, systems and designs. In this way, I hope to positively surprise my clients. Oh yeah, and I'm also super cozy to chat with!

See you soon in our showroom!"

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